The Science League is an award-winning social enterprise, established in 2012 with a mission to increase access to quality education and prepare students with skills for the 21st century.

The Science League provide services to students in governorates across Jordan. The core focus of the Science League is to develop specialized curricula in both practical skills and thinking methodologies.  Through our team and our partners in local communities, we deliver the curricula to students regardless of economic or social boundaries.


Our Team

Hamza Arsbi
Founder and CEO
Ayman Arandi
Business Development
Farah AbuHamdan
Co-Founder and Student Affairs Officer
Anas AlZghoul
Web Specialist and Student Portal Architect
Amani Jouza
Curriculum Developer and Human Rights Advocate
Neyar Shawahneh
Translation and Linguistics Specialist


Our Advisory Board

Ola Khorchid
Art Therapy Specialist
is a dynamic, creative and competent art therapist with a solid and deep experience in this new and emerging field. Through her deep knowledge and interpersonal skills, Ola brings together the healing power of art creation to help individuals develop personal growth opportunities and enhance emotional and psychological wellbeing. She does this by enabling them to voice and release challenging feelings and experiences; surmount traumas; manage undesirable behaviors; overcome self-limiting beliefs and restore balance.